We Focus On Innovators

We build out teams for high-growth tech companies 

PeopleFoundry builds out teams for high-growth technology companies in the Midwest. Our focus is on founders and innovators of venture backed businesses. We work with them to provide their fast growing company fuel in the form of people. 

We get to know you and tailor a talent strategy that is culture based and forward focused. We are not your typical suit and tie and neither are you. We get it. We take on all of your talent needs, and we do it the right way. Visionary founders leading dynamic teams attribute their success to more than just the skills each individual member brings to the team. Sharing the passion, seeing the vision with an openness to all perspectives and striving to push the needle forward together is essential.

Retaining quality people and enabling inclusivity in the culture is necessary to see this success. We’re passionate about building teams for innovative leaders, and we’re experts at it. We’ll work with you and do our job, so you can focus on your job. Our clients refer us because we deliver.


Want to learn more about how to build out a quality team for you high-growth business?   Read our blog

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