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When to Hire a Recruiting Partner

By Team PF May 03, 2018

There are a lot of misconceptions about when and why you should enlist the help of a recruiting firm, consultant or executive search firm. The decision to outsource the recruitment process shouldn’t be driven by the size of your recruiting team, but rather the reasons for hiring. For instance, the team at PeopleFoundry has helped startups and scaleups grow by acting as a company’s recruiting team or an extension of their existing HR team. 

Though working with the right recruiting partner gives you the competitive advantage when finding talent, here are a few ways it can be about more than filling a role. 

You’re Filling Highly Skilled, Technical or Leadership Positions

When to work with a recruiting firmThough a CEO might know exactly what she needs from a CFO or Data Architect, she might not be able to determine which candidate is the most qualified for the role. Few people operating outside of executive search and recruiting firms have the necessary experience required for hiring leadership and highly technical roles. Not only do these firms know how to properly assess candidates and ask the right technical questions, but they are better able to identify the right candidates for leadership roles and actually connect with them—which is often necessary for attaining quality candidates. Which leads to the next point.


You Require Discretion

When discretion is needed during the hiring and recruitment process, using an outside firm is often the best route. Recruiters leverage their network, tools and systems, so the job posting never reaches the general public. If you’re trying to bring in someone from another company, a recruiting firm reaches out and gauges interest without revealing the name of your company. And if you’re trying to keep movement out of the spotlight, recruiting firms ensure competitors and the media won’t hear of any rumblings until a candidate has officially accepted the role and the announcement is formally made.

In cases where you’re replacing a current employee or opting for an outside hire rather than promoting from within, recruiting firms help ease the transition, ensuring your team and your new hire feel comfortable.

A Strategic Partner for Scaling

When a startup is scaling, or a business is growing quickly, it needs to hire a huge amount of people in a short period of time, which causes many to panic and build out a large internal recruiting team. But because tech startups tend to hire in waves, the new recruiting team is left with little to do once the growth period ends. Working with a recruiting partner is ideal in this situation. The ideal outside partner will come in, learn about your company culture and open roles, dedicate all their time to finding, hiring and onboarding the right candidates, then get out until your next growth spurt.

You’re in an Industry Where Talent Moves Fast

When to work with a recruiting firmIn the technology and advertising sectors people move often and they move fast. If you want access to the best talent, you need to constantly have an ear to the ground and a finger on the pulse of the industry, which is a 24/7, year-round job. Recruiters know who’s working where, who’s thinking of making a move and what candidates are looking for. Most importantly, recruiters know the marketplace and what it takes to be competitive in it. While you’re internal recruiting team might be experts at crafting a job description and selling your culture, recruiters know what your competitors are offering to the same candidates you’re interviewing. 

You Need an Impartial Viewpoint

Finally, a recruiting firm offers an impartial viewpoint in every way possible. Not only is a recruiter an additional assessor of the candidate, but she can identify any flaws your company may have in the hiring process. A recruiter isn’t swayed by internal politics and can pinpoint unconscious biases.

Because the recruiter is not a part of your organization, she’s not afraid to make you aware of any discrepancies between the job title and description or pay. She’ll also work with you to determine if the role you’re creating matches the gaps you have in your staff.

When it comes to closing, recruiters are better equipped to negotiate with candidates. If a candidate has any qualms about joining your organization, she’s more likely to share them with a recruiter than with someone she’ll have to work with in the future. Knowing what’s holding a candidate back gives you the power to persuade her before it’s too late.

This honest and open relationship with both parties leads to a mutually beneficial contract, which in turn leads to improved employee retention.

If you fit into any of the buckets above, it’s time to connect with a recruiting partner. The team at PeopleFoundry has been helping startups and scaleups in the Midwest grow for years, and we’d love to find the dreamers, the innovators and the crazy ones who are ready to make a positive impact on your company. Contact us to see how PeopleFoundry can help your company grow.