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Turn Your Internship Into a Full-Time Gig + Intern Checklist

By Team PF Jun 23, 2017

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Internship season is here and it’s here to stay – if you play your cards right that is. Your internship experience is one of the most important foundational pieces for launching into a successful career. This experience is designed for you to learn what your likes and dislikes are while building skills and growing your network.

While you might not have a ton of experience prior to your internship, it is important to give it your all and give every assignment 110 percent. Yes, there might be days where coffee runs are at the top of your to-do’s, but it is no secret that internships are the best way to get your foot in the door.

So, don’t let this time go to waste and be sure you are getting everything you can out of this experience. Follow these quick and easy tips to ensure your boss is impressed and, hopefully, you will find yourself with a full-time job!

Exceeding expectations is KEY

When receiving an assignment from your boss, be sure you are always going the extra mile to complete it. This includes checking your grammar, trying to figure it out yourself first, capitalizing on your resources and suggesting a back-up plan if your first stab at the assignment did not live up to your manager’s expectations. By going above and beyond the initial expectations for your assignments, you are showing the passion you have for the work you are doing and that you are always willing to come up with alternative solutions.

Always be the first to take initiative

Just because your boss hasn’t given you an assignment doesn’t mean that there is nothing for you to do. Take matters into your own hands by going above and beyond to offer your manager assistance. Whether it’s a task that is done on a daily basis, or presenting assignments that you would like to complete, you should always be busy. By lending an extra hand, your work ethic is instantly identified and you are proving to your team what it means for you to work there.

Remember to keep in mind that your boss has a full plate, so if they aren’t showing immediate interest in you, show interest in them! Present a few simple ideas that you think will be beneficial and will help make your boss’ life a little easier. Not only will this help you stand out, but it will also provide you with more experience and ways to bulk up your resume. pexels-photo-306534.jpg

Don’t treat this experience as just a job

While being someone’s intern is meant to take a load off your employer’s shoulders, it is also designed to help you gain experience and get your foot in the door. So, take advantage and learn as much as you can throughout your time there. Ask questions, take notes and be willing and eager to help out where needed while bringing some of your original ideas to the table.

Take this opportunity to network while you are working for the company. Form close relationships with the people you work closely with. And set aside time to meet with people who you don’t necessarily need to see or talk to on a regular basis. Forming connections and establishing relationships is something everyone relies on in the business world, and most people are more than willing to offer a helping hand. So, form relationships and have real conversations with as many people as you can get in front of (without being too aggressive) because you never know how these connections could help you during your internship or in the long run.

Stay top of mind

Just because your internship has a set end date doesn’t mean your relationship with individuals at the company does too. Like after an interview, be sure to thank your managers and the HR department for providing you with such a beneficial experience. In addition, be sure to keep in touch and up to date with what is going on with the company and their clients. That way, when an open position becomes available, they will think of hiring you!