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A Good Recruiting Partner Should Do More Than Fill Roles

By Team PF May 29, 2018

Though a recruitment firm’s primary function is to find top talent and persuade them to join your company, a good recruiting partner offers much more. They act as an extension of your team, helping develop a strategy for growing your team in an effective way as you scale. The partnership should be a lasting one wherein the recruiters are invested in your company’s success, even during hiring lulls.

At PeopleFoundry, we are dedicated to our partnerships with Midwest tech startups. Because we understand that when you’re asking an outside source to find your next CEO, it needs to be someone you trust. But our services extend beyond helping you find and secure the perfect candidate. We become fully integrated into your team to help you build a successful company.

Here are few ways a good recruiting partner can benefit your business.

Develop Recruitment Strategies

Boufford_DesignThinking_082317A good recruiting partner should take the time to get to know your company, your goals, your vision and your existing team. Though you may have decided to invest your time and money into building out a user experience (UX) team, your recruiting partner may find that your UX needs can be met with one individual, but you’re lacking the product managers necessary to achieve your business goals.

By having a thorough understanding of your company goals and vision, your recruiting partner is better able to identify which teams need your attention and create a recruitment plan to make it happen. The recruiting team can then fill the desired roles—some of which, you might not have known you needed.

Widen Your Recruiting Network

In today’s climate, diversity is an important element of any HR or recruitment strategies. And diversity goes beyond race, gender, age and sexual orientation. In order to be successful, a company must ensure diversity of thought. Everyone brainstorms, thinks and approaches problems differently. By hiring people with different personal and professional backgrounds and ways of thinking, you’re opening up your company to new ideas and new ways to connect with customers.

It’s natural to associate with those who are similar to you. For many professionals, their networks are filled with people with similar mindsets. Working with a recruiting partner helps widen your network to include people with differing backgrounds and viewpoints.

A good recruiting partner should also analyze your team and diversity initiatives to make sure your efforts are on par with what other companies in your industry are doing. Having actionable diversity initiatives is a big draw for candidates, so you’ll want to make sure your company is staying competitive.  

Add a Liaison Between the Board and Leadership

20170227230200-shutterstock-547750285-1The relationship between a company’s board and its leadership team is a delicate one. When bringing on new leadership, a recruiting partner acts as a liaison between the board and the leadership, ensuring the right hire is made, onboarded and left to lead with minimal interference. A board that is too hands-on during a leader’s first few weeks and months may cause some frustration on the part of the leader. Working with a recruiting partner helps mitigate that and ease the transition. 

Receive Ongoing Coach and Consulting

At PeopleFoundry, we offer ongoing coaching and consulting for leadership teams. We’ve helped build dozens of startups in the Midwest and can help you learn from their successes and failures. Not only do we compare company goals to hiring practices, but we make sure your organization is structured in an effective way. In essence, we act as an outside sounding board for what you’re building.

Though we’re happy to help scaleups hire quickly or help a startup find new leadership executives, we also want to act as your strategic partner for growth. If you interested in learning more about how PeopleFoundry can help you, contact our experts to get rolling.