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5 Ways to Improve Your Career Site [INFOGRAPHIC]

By PF News Aug 18, 2016


Engaging career sites allow prospects an inside look into what it is like to work at your company and to get a better feel for the culture you are promoting. Here are five tips to stay current and boost candidate experience through your careers page.

1. Use Branding

Utilizing employer brand for recruitment is a huge trend in the talent acquisition market. Write clear and credible messaging that captures your company’s unique culture and office environment. Connecting on an emotional level will help motivate and create loyalty with quality prospects that align with your organization’s overall passion and values.

2. Strut Your Stuff

Ditch the stock photos and share pictures of your actual employees. Get personal with prospects, and share your purpose, vision and values. Show authenticity on what makes your company a great place to work. You will increase the engagement rate by providing prospects with images and messaging that makes it easier to visualize the day to day at your organization. The most effective way to get a job seeker’s attention is to share your company’s story in a creative and compelling way.

3. Be Relevant

Update the careers page frequently to provide the information that will be most valuable to prospects. And consistently update the careers info and job postings on your social media sites as well. Remember to keep job descriptions short and fresh, and don’t forget to highlight recent awards and press!

4. Be Applicant Friendly

Make sure your site is optimized for mobile, and make it easy for prospects to get to applications with the fewest clicks possible. The careers page should be displayed on your company website’s main navigation bar, not buried deep within the site. Clearly define the open positions on your site, and separate jobs by level of experience, location and even compensation. Get as specific as you can with your must-haves in the job description. Identifying specifically what your company is looking for ensures the quality of hire is kept top of mind even from the start.

5. Track Progress

Run monthly reports for applicant tracking. Through this, you will be able to measure the effectiveness of different tactics in attracting talent. If you use an Applicant Tracking System, make sure to link it to your site.

A company’s career page is one of the first things a candidate views, and its contents are a major deciding factor for whether or not prospects feel enticed to apply. So, be cognizant of the fact that actively job searching is an experience typically associated with stress and uncertainty. Your company can increase hiring efficiency and effectiveness while making the candidate's job search experience much more enjoyable, and your careers page is a great place to start.



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